Sunday, September 20, 2009

3.1 Bluetooth bugs? ...

So i am pretty sure this is a bug. My car has bluetooth handsfree and audio streaming built in. 3.0 and 3.0.1 worked just fine - no issues.

With 3.1 - it still works, kinda. No issues streaming audio and you can still make calls. However if you are streaming audio via bluetooth, and make a call from the phone via the bluetooth handsfree - the ring doesn't sound over the bluetooth at all. It seems like the phone is just hanging and not connecting, and just when you are about to say ***, the call connects. It's kind of jarring.

BUT when you are not streaming bluetooth audio - and are listening to the radio or whatever... ring sounds just fine. Additionally - when i dial through the car, ring sounds just fine. In fact - it works just fine with everything but Bluetooth audio. heck you can even swith audio source and actually here it ringing, just not when its on bluetooth audio mode.

Anyone else see this with either a headset or a car? I am thinking this is a bug because the ring sounds properly in every other bluetooth use situation.

have tried restore to new phone, re-pairing, hard restart, all to no avail. i know it worked prior to 3.1

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