Saturday, September 19, 2009

iPhone 3.0 A2DP Distortion Using ...

I purchased a Kensington Bluetooth Car Kit for my wife (the one with the aux output) so that she could use her iPhone in her car. The was just after the 3.0 software was revealed, so I also purchased a Sony iPod Bluetooth Adapter so that she could pair the iPhone to the car kit for both phone and music. It worked ok, except that the music would get distorted sometime, and sometimes it worked perfectly. I assumed that it was because I was using an adapter, and thought the problem would be resolved once the 3.0 software was released.

So after updating her iPhone yesterday, we ran out to her car and tried it, only to find that there was now always distortion! It paired quickly, and everything seems to work fine. The distortion is most evident on iTunes Plus tracks (not so much on lower quality tracks, though its still there). Is there some setting that needs to be changed in order to get the music to play without distortion? Is this a limitation of the hardware?

Additional info: Calls sound fine, as does internet radio, though they are of noticeably lower quality than the iTunes.

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