Saturday, September 19, 2009

Any In-ear BLUETOOTH earphones FULLY ...

Been waiting for iPhone 3.1 and the fuller support for Bluetooth. It seems like we're getting there. I use the Apple In-Ear Headphones and while in my opinion the sound quality is marginally inferior to the old-style in-ear headphones (without the controller) - yes, I was the one person who loved those - Voiceover, call control, pause, skip, rewind, volume etc. are great features which I don't want to give up. The other compelling avantage is that the controller is very small, something the other manufacturers don't seem to think is important.

But, I hate the cable. I hate that I have to thread it under a shirt due to the noise. I hate that it catches on things, yanking the buds out of my ears violently.

I have searched and searched but right now do any Bluetooth in-ear phones exist that fully replicate the functionality obtainable with the wired Apple in-ear phones?

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