Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bluetoohn Stereo Headsets in General ...

Everyone in here who is writing you have to first understand that if you have upgraded your iphone to firmware 3.0 YES it will support music streaming, the problem though that appears is that music cuts off....the music cutting off is due to lack of resources available (Memory) available when the music streaming is activated. So everytime you turn on your headsets yes you might have cut offs because you didnt free up some memory by cuting off unwanted programs from running. Guys you have to go in the Settings menu and free availability up so it can stream without a problem.

For those who are having problems pairing your phone with the headset first go to Bluetooth and make sure that when you turn on your headset the bluetooth is not on the list as it should appear.If its there all you need is to connect it...once it says connected....exit and go to the icons first screen... touch the ipod on any song and if you were succesful you should see a bluetooth bar below the box where you can choose and listen via headphones...if it doesnt appear an you have reset your phone, or if you have shut it down and still doesnt work I would recommend a full backup on your mac or pc then restore the unit to manufacturers settings and update....after all of that then the first thing you want to do is just connect your Bluetooth and see if it works now .....I remember that I needed to restore my unit and update all over in order for the bluetooth to work properly hopefully everything should work fine

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