Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sony bluetooth car head unit and iphone ...

Hi, I have in my car a Sony BT2500 bluetooth head unit, and my iphone connects to it fine for most of the time, i can take calls and stream music fine....there is just one thing missing?

On my other phones i have had such as nokia and sony ericssons...they all took commands from the head unit for example.

If i pressed pause or wanted to change a track i would use the controls on the head unit and it would change the track i was listing to on the phone, on the iPhone this doesn't happen, all that happens with the iPhone is that the music stops just for a split second when i press any buttons on the head unit the just proceeds to play the same track with no other changes.

Is there a fix for this or is there a way of telling apple as this would be a safer way of changing tracks whilst driving than turning the iphone on then inputting you passcode, in which time you have died a horrible death, as you may crash into the back of the car in front....sorry got carried away there.

Any help whould be great on this, as for me this is the only thing that lets bluetooth down on the iphone.



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