Monday, July 26, 2010

Help? What do I do?

So I bought an action figure using buy it now,Item number:180483055205 i paid on the 23rd an in the add it says it ships with in 48 hours with trackin info. I messaged her about 4 days later and asked if I could have the tracking number, she didn't respond. And also on the eBay my won items menu it doesn't show the shipped icon. This was about 9 days ago. What do I do? Is she jerking me around? I know parcel post takes longer that priority but shouldn't she have givin me tracking number by now? She charged extra in the shipping for I think, and that's why shipping for such a small item was so expensive. I'm still new so maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions...?|||Sellers are not required to notify you of a tracking number. If it is shipped by Parcel Post, it could take 2 - 4 weeks to arrive. Just sit back and relax to wait for the item. If it doesn't come in 30 days, contact the seller again. You have 45 days from the day of payment to file for Item Not Received claim with Ebay or Paypal. $7.50 to ship Parcel Post is not overcharging. It depends on the weight and dimension of the item. Sometimes, Parcel Post cost more than Priority.|||I never said they were required to give a tracking number but it just doesn't make sense to me why she would say she give me one and not actually give me one.|||Sellers are not required to notify you of a tracking number. The listing says, "ships within 48hrs of purchase. tracking info will be included." Any normal buyer would wonder why the seller is not following thier own TOS. I'm still new so maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions...? No. You are right to be concerned. Hopefully it is nothing and your seller is just having a bad time and everything is ok. I would wait a week and then file a dispute.|||Is it remotely possible your seller is in the Northeast where all the flooding is taking place?Lenore ..... Lenore ....||||||I think what the seller states about "tracking info included" means they will ship with delivery confirmation. It is probably not meaning they will send you the tracking info. Also if you go to the "Shipping and Payment" tab, you will see that it says "Will usually ship within 5 business days of receiving cleared payment." It's obvious the seller has conflicting information on his listing and also not a good customer service on not responding to your email. However, I would suggest you just wait and see if the item arrive in the condition as described. Then you can leave feedback and ratings accordingly.|||Delivery Confirmation often does not show anything until delivery. If the seller checked the number and knows it only says a label was created or the post office was notified about the shipment then he/she may be afraid to give you the number. Many buyers do jump to conclusions and think the seller hasn't really shipped when they do not see scans on the DC number. Your My eBay page only changes to shipped if the seller uses PayPal shipping or they manually mark it shipped. Both are optional.|||What's the difference between delivery confirmation and a tracking number? Because the seller didn't say anything about delivery confirmation she said tracking info will be included.|||The usps does not have real time tracking for any class other than express. Delivery confirmation is a s close as you get with parcel post-which means it is supposed to be scanned at delivery only if the label was created online(paypal or postal website) or at acceptance and delivery if bought at the post office.It MAY be scanned in route but is not promise/guaranteed to be.It may not be your fault but it is your responsibility Silver rule "do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you"|||Many people misuse the word tracking when refering to dcIt may not be your fault but it is your responsibility Silver rule "do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you"|||UPS and Fed Ex use tracking which shows the packages moving across the country. The USPS uses delivery confirmation which may not show anything at all until after delivery. Most people just say tracking for both.|||lilsidewayz - If you reach the 21st day with no itemand no communication, file an Item Not Received complaint with Paypal.|||So i messged her a few days ago and this is what she srote... "hey mike HELLO I AM VERY SORRY ABOUT YOU NOT GETTING YOUR ITEM YET. SOMEHOW I GOT MIXED UP AND PUT YOUR ITEM TO THE SIDE . I SHIPPED THIS WITH 2 DAY DELIVERY AND YOU SHOUULD GET THIS NO LATER THEN SATURDAY HERE IS YOUR SHIPPING # 03091830000222678115 USPS. .I AM VERY SORRY, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU GET THIS. ONCE AGAIN PLEASE FORGIVE MY IGNORANCE. THANKS - babygonz6101" i got the item today, but im not really sure how to rate the shipping stars. Any suggestions?|||Well, the widget is there.....I (myself) would just leave dsr's blank. Sometimes things happen and the way these dsr's are destroying the sellers around here I would just leave them be.

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