Monday, July 26, 2010

Unresgistered User

A week or two ago I bought a couple things from a couple different users. Then a few days after all my payments clear and stuff they become unregistered users. I made sure to check the sellers feedback and they had awesome feedback for both people. One of the sellers got in touch with me right away saying that he was having issues with he Ebay and that I was still going to get my stuff the other two havent gotten ahold of me at all. I am wondering how does someone become and unregistered user so fast and then what do I do to get my stuff of my money back?|||Sometimes sellers detailed seller ratings are called into question and eBay suspends them. Sometimes the seller may not pay his fees. Whatever the reason, the first thing you should do is email your seller through the eBay messaging system to inquire about your order. You should give them a day or two to respond. You have 45 days from the date of purchase to file an Item Not Received in the Resolution Center. eBay will ensure that you get your money returned.|||is unregistered member the same as no longer registered?|||"is unregistered member the same as no longer registered" Yes, it means for what ever reason, Ebay suspended their user acct. They can no longer use Ebay as a buyer or seller. You should either wait about 10-14 business days for the item(s) to arrive OR file the INR now stating the seller(s) are no longer registered users = NARU It is your choice. Even, IF your sellers contact you or you contact them, it really does not matter. Not all NARU sellers will tell you the truth or ship the items. You can file now or wait, but don't let the 45 days from payment deadline expire. In other words, don't let the sellers string you along, until the deadline expires.|||Both your sellers were from China/ Hong Kong had good feedback and DSRs. Both were selling trade marked Japanese Character items. My guess is the trademark owners contacted Ebay via the Vero program, demanded the items / auctions be pulled. The trade mark owners of the "character" items seem to be cracking down on the Chinese Ebay sellers via the Vero program the last few weeks. Vero Program Link|||Whatever the reason, the first thing you should do is email your seller through the eBay messaging system to inquire about your order. You need to email them directly. If they are no longer registered, they cannot use the eBay messaging system nor can you send messages to them through it. I would be patient, give them at least 30 days to deliver since the items have to travel from other countries. But definitely do NOT let the 45 day limit pass.|||If you go to your actual item # and email them that way you go through eBay so there is a record. If you don't have the #s'..hopefully you have the sellers ID. That way you can request contact info and email them that way. Either way you have gone through "legal" eBay guidelines.|||"is unregistered member the same as no longer registered" How can you tell the difference between an account closed voluntarily, as opposed to one that has been suspended ?|||You can't. They will all say, "No Longer A Registered User". eBay doesn't disclose the reasons.|||1. eBay does not allow sellers to voluntarily close their accounts until six months after their last auction ends. 2.a. you cannot contact Not A Registered User through eBay's system. 2.b. When a seller is NARU their auctions are often removed completely. 3. Their is no eBay rule requiring contact through eBay's message system. It is simply a tool to facilitate communication though it often is glitchy. eBay does not monitor messages through their system until after a dispute has been filed. 4.Your PayPal account will have the seller's email address listed on the transaction details. 5. You can file an Item Not Received dispute there if the products don't arrive and you can file Significantly Not As Described there if they arrive and aren't as advertised.|||The Ebay Dispute reps have been telling buyers, "they will not consider or review messages via Ebay's own message system". It is best to use the seller's regular email, if possible, save the message and forward with full headers to Ebay for a dispute.|||NARU users cannot use eBay's message system.

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