Sunday, October 18, 2009

how to make my iphone blutooth audio to ...

I have a 2009 mercdes c220 car which has blu tooth for my iphone3gs so I can use the controls on the sterring wheel to volume, hangup and answer etc. it also says on the display connect to the ipod and does the phone numbers etc.

I would like to get music from the ipod bit of the iphone or spotify to come out of the speakers. I have tried the radio transmitters but they are rubbish.

To my surpiise I played my voice notes applcation and that cam out of the speakers in the car, further more it must be a software thing becuase on the coerner of the voice note thing it had a blue tooth symbol coemup and options for car speakers or the iphone built in speaker,

So to close, how can I get the music from my iphone to use my car stero with blu tooth?



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  1. The iphone headphones i like, are those which are in matching colour with handset.